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You might have heard about cases where a company got hurt badly because of corporate espionage. The term refers to stealing any kind of resources or corporate secrets by a planted person. Now the person can be an insider who is desperate for money. Or has some evil secret agenda like revenge against the organization or the boss. Competitors can use such person to plot a scheme and try to sabotage the reputation of the respective organization. In other cases, such acts can be done by especially planting a new employee. That acts as a double agent and helps the competitor company or organization to know about the secret agendas, ideas, or more. Many times the insider is paid to do the dirty task. That’s why it is necessary to keep a thorough eye on all the employees of the organizations. So that any such activity is caught right on time before it results in big destruction.

Now the question that comes to mind is if it is real and if it is even possible to stop or track such activity at right time. According to the record of 2017, almost 17 % of the organization reported stealing data. So the point is this thing is very much real and everyone must be prepared to cope and be prepared about dealing with such incidents. The use of Windows spy apps and spy apps like TheOneSpy can be the solution to all kinds of corporate problems. Work lifestyle has been changed so much because of changing environmental situations. Here is how one can track and catch corporate espionage by using spy apps.     

TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring App:

TheOneSpy covers android, Windows, and Mac devices to monitor employees’ work-related activities. All you need to do is install the app on the target device when you have physical access to it. Moreover, another important thing to keep in mind is that an employer should only install the app on a company-owned device. Thus an employer can keep an eye on the tablet, laptops, and mobile devices of the target employees if and only if they belonged to the organization.

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Windows Password Cracker:

The Windows spy app feature and other Windows spy app features make it very easy for the users to keep up with all the Windows devices. The password cracker feature is basically an extension of the keylogging or keystroke logging feature. All the activities related to the keypad are saved by the keystroke logging feature. That include secret accounts, passwords, digital record, and more.

Keep Them Under the Radar:

Features like password crackers and secret screen recorders make it easy for employers to keep every employee under the radar. By having secret remote access to the employee’s gadget one can know about any spying activity right away.

Red Flags For Suspicious Employees:

No one can judge anyone’s character’s intention just by observation. Reality checks are necessary and TheOneSpy spy app makes it. Very easy for users to keep up with any suspicious activities. You can clear any employees from any red flags or suspicions or catch them red hand in action through the help of the keystroke logging feature.

Track Any Software Installation:

TheOneSpy spy app can help the employer track any illegal installation of software or apps in the official gadget. One can know if an employee is using the official gadget for any illegal activity or personal usage. By remotely cracking the password of the official accounts and secret id one can easily track. The malware and can even block any software from the employee’s gadget as well. This is one of the most beneficial usages of spy apps like TheOneSpy.

Eyes On the Search Bar:

Another major use of the TheOneSpy Windows spy app is that every official account, email, instant messenger, and social media is under. The monitoring eyes of the users. In case you are dealing in a business that involves digital media and marketing. Then such type of spy apps and monitoring software is very beneficial for you. One can not only keep an eye on the social media activities of the target employee. But can officially supervise any campaign as well without getting involved directly.

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