Why Students choose Myassignmenthelp over Assignmenthelpservices

There is intense competition between academic writing companies on the internet. As the ed-tech sector increases, professionals’ request to join such services is also on the rise. Two such companies reviews are MyAssignmenthelp review and Assignmenthelpservices review. They have a lot of similarities because they operate in the same market. But ultimately, MyAssignmenthelp.com has gone past Assignmenthelpservices.com in more ways than one. It is probably the most legit academic writing service in the entire world. So, without further ado, let’s check out the points where MyAssignmenthelp.com is better than Assignmenthelpservices.com.

Non-erroneous task

MyAssignmenthelp.com is famous for providing squeaky clean tasks without a shred of mistakes. Moreover, it has more than 5000 PhD experts such a support team for your academic assignments will only bear the ripest fruits.

Whereas, in Assignmenthelpservices.com, errors are pretty familiar with ultimate end products. It is a pertinent problem with most companies. This problem took a big shape in other organisations. It is easily why you have constantly made this comparison between the two and trying to bank upon the best workers together.


MyAssignmenthelp.com has the best track record while dealing with plagiarism in the document. They have the best plagiarism-checking tool in the whole industry. It is pretty easy to find the plagiarism quotient in the paper and then remove them one by one.

However, with Assignmenthelpservices.com, many submission reports suggested that it has multiple counts of plagiarism throughout the document. The reason is the number of checks MyAssignmenthelp.com goes through.

Stats to support the claim

The statistics speak highly in favour of MyAssignmenthelp.com. Whether it’s the number, the final assignment delivery, or the accuracy rate, the company is way above its competitors in many accounts. For example, it enjoys a 4.9 rating out of 5 in the most authentic review channels online.

But Assignmenthelpservices.com has tiny things to showcase when it comes to comparable statistics. They have neither the customer base to entrust on their behalf in review websites nor do they have enough data to prove their points. Hence when data is on your side, you have already triumphed in the test. Now, it’s your call on who you will bank upon.

International presence

MyAssignmenthelp.com is genuinely a global player in all senses of the term. They have registered offices in more than one country and thousands of students placing orders from every nook and corner each day. This plunge is making the brand synonymous with academic assignments. Also, they have thousands of writers from different countries with tremendous individual expertise in their subject.

On the other hand, Assignmenthelpservices.com is limited to very few countries. They do not have any registered address published on their official website. Their website is centred around a specific branch of students inhibiting expansion in other directions.

Cumbersome application process

When you are applying for a specific order, you need to move around the allies of the application process. This is because many tiers of the same verify the authentication procedure. But won’t you appreciate it if the process does not arrive with its baggage?

Such is the case with MyAssignmenthelp.com. You only need to submit your name, email address and phone number to commence the point of contact. Then, you attach your university guidelines and questions in the attachment tab. That’s all.

But Assignmenthelpservices.com has a different take on the application process. The first stage comprises your details. The second stage requires your academic information. The final stage asks you to provide all assignment-related details. So, quickly you know who is a better suit for you.

Author bio: Ricky is an Australia-based reviewer and writer on Topassignmentreviews.com. He is famous for writing the most legit reviews on the website.

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