Which Foods Help to Treat Impotence?

Which Foods Help to Treat Impotence?

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, one of the best ways to treat this problem is by eating certain foods. These foods are packe with a variety of health benefits, including aphrodisiacs and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help you prolong intercourse. Garlic, for example, can be consume in the form of garlic cloves, which will increase blood circulation and increase body heat, thereby improving copulation. To get the most benefits from garlic, it’s best to eat a clove first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Alternatively, ladyfinger is an effective remedy for premature ejaculation. Its powder form can be consume or added to your regular diet.


A diet rich in essential nutrients such as arginine can help to treat erectile dysfunction. In addition, smoking can negatively impact cardiovascular wellness. For more information on how to improve your lifestyle, read our guide to preventing erectile dysfunction. However, research on the effectiveness of arginine is mixe. Some studies show minor improvements, while others show no difference from a placebo. Despite its promising results, arginine has not been prove to cure impotence. Cenforce 200 is the treat your impotence problem.


The effect of nut consumption on erectile function was studied in a recent study. Using a validated questionnaire, researchers evaluated the effect of nuts on erectile function. The results showed that the group taking nuts experienced greater orgasmic function and better intercourse satisfaction. However, these findings are not conclusive. More research is need to determine the exact mechanism of nut effects on erectile function.


A 2008 press release by Texas A&M University suggests that watermelon may help to treat impotence by increasing libido. Citrulline, an amino acid found in watermelon, is believe to have Viagra-like effects on blood vessels. This substance may prevent and treat erectile dysfunction and enhance libido. Citrulline is also thought to improve the urea cycle, which is responsible for impotence.


Spinach is an excellent treatment for impotence. This green vegetable is loade with a powerful antioxidant known as nitric oxide, which helps boost testosterone. It is also high in folate, which helps improve blood flow and maintain erections. The high folic acid content of spinach has also been linke to improve male sexual function. One cup of spinach provides 66% of the recommended daily allowance of folate.

Dark chocolate

Research shows that dark chocolate can help a man erect. Nitric oxide, a chemical present in dark chocolate, helps to promote erection by increasing blood flow. Nitric oxide is a critical hormone in the erection process. Moreover, dark chocolates contain flavonoids, which have various health benefits. In addition to treating impotence, dark chocolates can improve cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure. They may even help a man reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Cenforce 50 is control your blood pressure.

Arginine-rich foods

Arginine-rich foods are plentiful in a wide variety of foods. These foods are generally rich in proteins and other nutrients that help treat impotence. Arginine is found in nuts, meats, and legume. Taking too much arginine may lead to kidney malfunction. In addition, you should avoid excessive amounts of red meat.

Vitamin D

Insufficient amounts of vitamin D are known to lead to erectile dysfunction in men. This vitamin improves blood circulation in the body and plays a key role in the erection. If a man is deficient in vitamin D, this may be one of the causes of his impotence. In fact, men who do not get adequate amounts of vitamin D have about a 32 percent higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction than those who are adequately supplie.

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