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Vastu Shastra is an Indian traditional scripture that has several texts describing the format, measurements, designs, area association, geometry, and so on for your property. Vastu Shastra has been blanketed in Hinduism after the Buddhist ideals. The format of Vastu shastra speaks about the relative competencies of several components of nature and shape. 

Vastu shastra is a lot about specific theories associated with shapes and designs that broadly belong to historical India. The Vastu Shastra scriptures embody the designs of a mandir (temple), the format of a city, a town, or house. 

Why is Vastu shastra vital for any residence? Well, Vastu shastra allows keeping peace and harmony inside the residence. Quite some advantages go with the flow inside the residence. It is crucial for a better and more high-quality manner of lifestyle. The form of energy that you are generating is associated with the form of vibe in your surroundings – positive, negative, good, or bad. 

This is probably something new for you, but there are excellent and prosperous types of Vastu for bathrooms. You need to take a careful look at the Vastu for the washroom.

Here are a few Vastu suggestions that you could check for your restroom inside the residence. 

Placement on the front door

The front door of the restroom acts as a threshold, consequently, it has the utmost importance. Consult an expert who can make a well and prosperous Vastu for the bathroom

According to historical Vastu scriptures found in India, there are eight steps; they’re also known as padas according to the Vastu, from west to east direction – Mrigah, Bhringraj, Gandharva, Vama, Grihakshat, Vitath, Pusha, and Anil. 

The placement on the main door of your restroom needs to be from Pusha, Vitath, and Grihakshat. Except for those three padas, the other five padas can be inauspicious to your private home lavatory. 

Find a place that is higher than the floor in your washroom

If you need to enhance the Vastu for the bathroom, then you need to make your restroom a bit higher than the ground. According to Vastu, it is no longer encouraged to bring together a place that is in the same region as the ground.

This will help in retaining the vibes and energy of your house. It will help in bringing good vibes. 

Decide the proper area for the washing machine

Financially looking, in reality, all people cannot have big and spacious washrooms in their house. Therefore, it becomes difficult to deal with the placement of the washing machine. However, with Vastu for the bathroom, you need to find the right place and place your washing machine in the southwest path or the northwest direction. Nowhere in between because it may disturb the energies of your house. 

Guidelines for the bathroom mirror 

Mirrors are the fundamental factors in producing the right energy for your house. The toilets are known as the disposal region of your home. And according to different opinions of people, preserving particular and good energy for your bathroom does not make any sense. But consistent with the Vastu scriptures, if the interiors of your toilet are placed well, it has the energy to stabilize the vibe of your own home. 

This will preserve the vibe of various bedrooms too. 

Therefore, mount the mirror near the east or the north wall of your lavatory. 

Please ensure you are seeking a recommendation from a professional Vastu expert earlier than doing any techniques for Vastu for the bathroom.  

Selecting the right color for your washroom 

For a restroom that is supposed to be kept closed, it is encouraged for the walls to make their appearance airy and make one revel in freshness. Light colors are best in your restroom to coordinate with the decor as well as maintain the fresh vibe for positive energies to travel in. 

Similar hues may be used for the interiors of the restroom in addition to maintaining the coloration scheme. Please recall that dark shades like blue or black have to be prevented, strictly. 

These colors are referred to as the colors of prosperity and might convey peace and harmony. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Vastu for lavatory

There are top-notch placements you should not neglect while designing your washroom. You have to focus on Vastu for the bathroom to make sure you only have prosperity in your house. 

  • If you own an independent house or live in a huge one, then all your bathroom devices like the geyser, and heater, are to be placed in the south-east direction of your house 
  • The bathtub has to be going east, northeast, and west.
  • The northwest direction is the precise one and has a good energy to maintain your septic tank. However, it is probably favored if it’s above the ground. 
  • The southwest course of your toilet can be inauspicious for placing something related to water, so it is accurate if that is avoided. 
  • Avoid building your bathroom beneath the staircase. 

All the factors for Vastu for bathroom are important and should not be forgotten as they’ll keep your private home surrounded through suitable energies and make your life healthy and wealthy. 

Certain subjects could make your toilet inauspicious and consequently, it wants to be averted to keep people from negative power. 


These Vastu tips to your restroom will make your house surrounded by extremely good energies and vibes. There are lots of myths about how toilets do not require Vastu Shastra. 

Vastu shastra has the energy to direct first-rate energies into the house in which you want to stay. It can alternate the vibes of your house and may supply positivity. It is understandable and a wise decision to want Vastu for the bathroom. There are certain subjects that you need to study with the Vastu shastra to enhance the energy and vibe of your house. 

Please keep in mind that it is vital to get advice from a Vastu professional to help you out with several placements in your property to usher in powerful vibes.

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