Top Best Ways to Firm Your Sagging Skin

Are you someone who is worried about sagging skin? Are you looking for some reliable ways to gently pull back your skin tightly on your face forever? Does the jiggle or sagging skin bother you? If yes, taking any surgical lift surgery like eyelid surgery or a facelift from a professional skin specialist may present you with the most dramatic results. However, if you don’t want to go for surgery, don’t worry; there are many other ski-tightening options too. These common options nevertheless lower cost and less downtime. In addition, another significant benefit of them is that one can have such treatment on almost any part of their body that needs a lift.

Now let’s see some of the top skin-tightening options one can opt for to get rid of their sagging skin.

Skin firming creams, lotions, and ointments

Nowadays, you may find a diverse range of such cosmetic products, most of which come with promising claims that your sagging or loose skin will remain tightened in its natural place. But be very careful while spending money on such skin-firming creams as most dermatologists say it is impossible to tighten skin merely with creams. That is because neither a cream nor a lotion penetrated deep into the skin enough to do this. However, you may see a bit of change if your cosmetic product contains retinoids, like retinol. They can help your body to manufacture more collagen, and collagen ultimately prevents skin from sagging while tightening it.

Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Procedures for Modest Lifting

The word non-invasive is used with some skin tightening procedures as they leave your skin intact. You don’t have to experience an incision, puncture wound, or raw skin after the procedure. Although you may suffer some temporary swelling or redress, don’t worry; they are just signs you will have after any procedure.

If you opt for non-invasive kind of skin-tightening treatments, you may likely go for the following procedures:

  1. Ultrasound

Most dermatologists use ultrasound to send rays to send heat deep into the skin layers. That heat then triggers the body to produce more collagen. With a single ultrasound treatment, most individuals see modest tightening and lifting within just 2-6 months. However, you can get more and more advantages from additional treatments.

  1. Radiofrequency

During this particular skin-lifting treatment, a skin specialist typically places a specialized device against your skin, which later heats the tissues present beneath. Most individuals usually feel the skin tightening immediately after a single sitting of this treatment. However, our body generally takes time to make collagen; you can see the best results within 5-6 months. And the results of radiofrequency skin tightening usually last from 2-3 years if you take care of your skin appropriately.

  1. Laser Treatment

Nowadays, some lasers are capable of sending heat into the deeper layers of the skin without even wounding the topmost skin layer epidermis. So now, many dermatologists use these lasers to tighten skin all over the body, especially in regions like the belly or upper arms where there is looser skin. You may need roughly 3-5 laser treatment sittings, which gradually appear within 2-6 months following the last treatment, to see desirable results.

  1. Laser Resurfacing

That is considered one of the most effective skin tightening procedures that will help get you rid of your sagging skin. Unlike the laser treatment mentioned above, this particular treatment mainly requires a little downtime. So, you will need to stay home for almost 5-7 days after this treatment. Moreover, laser resurfacing gives the fastest and the most reliable results within a short period. Once you heal from this treatment, you will see fewer wrinkles, diminished fine lines, lightened dark spots, and exceptional skin tightening results within 2 weeks. However, the tradeoff of this procedure requires some downtime and has a more significant risk of several other side effects such as scarring.

What to expect from these skin-tightening treatments?

In general, you can expect the following from these non-invasive skin-tightening procedures when taken from a reliable skin specialist:

  1. The results of such procedures appear gradually, so they usually seem natural.
  2. They usually have no or little downtime.
  3. Most of them are safe for people of all skin colors.
  4. They can tighten your skin almost anywhere on your body.
  5. They usually have a little risk of side effects, primarily when performed by a board-certified dermatologist. However, a person may experience slight swelling or redness.
  6. Most of these procedures take 1-2 hours or less.
  7. The cost of these treatments usually varies and is not typically covered by any insurance, so one must ask how much his required procedure will cost.

How to determine if I am a good candidate for skin tightening treatment or not?

You are likely to get the best possible results of skin-tightening procedures safely if you

  1. Are at your optimum and healthy weight
  2. Consume a healthy diet
  3. Do not smoke
  4. Drink little or no alcohol
  5. Significantly protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the Sun
  6. Never tan indoors
  7. Have a minute amount of sagging skin
  8. Not much aged, and many more.

On the other hand, skin specialists usually do not recommend such skin tightening procedures to pregnant ladies, those who take certain medications, or people who have some skin infection.

Ask a board-certified dermatologist for it.

Seeing a board-certified and professional skin specialist is undoubtedly the safest way to determine which skin tightening treatment will prove the best for you. With so many skin-tightening procedures available nowadays, you may look here and there for an expert who is very familiar with all the different skin treatments. Only a specialist dermatologist can guide you to the best possible option for your sagging skin concerns.