Top 5 Innovative Study Apps for Students in Education Sector
If you have just started your college life and want to make the most of it both academically and professionally, you need to use some apps. We have now entered the post covid situation, and schools, colleges, and universities have opened again. As a result, balancing college life and personal life becomes challenging because there is always a lack of time. So, I have developed a list of 12 apps that can help students study and become productive to have enough time to get involved in other work. In the whirlpool of academic papers, from using quadratic equation solver to tackling law papers and activities in college. Students get overwhelmed, and at times their academic papers suffer. Here are some interesting apps that students use in their college life to make it less stressful.

1. Wolfram Alpha

One of the best educational apps that you will come across is Wolfram Alpha. Why is it the best app for students? Well, the answer is straightforward and clear. This app helps you check answers to different homework assignments. You can use the free version. However, the paid version is much better, and you can see all the solution steps.  When you place a question in the app, you can check how the answer is developed. This also helps students to use different methods of solving a problem or a question. Students must remember that this app is to help them study, so do not misuse it.

2. Google Docs

Another study app that made it to the list is Google Docs. Whether you are writing an assignment or an essay or even your homework, you need a clod store that you can use from anywhere. Google docs are one of the best tools and apps that one can have. It is pretty similar to MS word, except it has some unique features. You can use the app from anywhere; it can be your mobile, tablet, or laptop anywhere. You can write and upgrade the text, and it will automatically save your information on runtime. Another thing that separates google docs from MS word is that goggle docs focus on writing that users need. MS Word has features that help to make a presentation, including pictures, etc. Even assignments help tutors use google docs to write assignments and other academic papers so that they can access the document from anywhere.

3. TomatoTimer

If you are swamped with assignments and other academic papers and are inclined to procrastinate, do not waste time and use a time management app like TomatoTimer. It is the best way to manage your time and avoid wasting it on useless activities. Tomato timer uses the Pomodoro method that sets a 25-minute timer and asks you to give your 100% effort and make the best of it. You can break a task into small sections and complete each section in the given time. This way, you will be able complete the paper without procrastinating. Moreover, if you have a problematic paper-like SPSS assignment, you can seek SPSS assignment help and allow the writers to guide you.

4. Mendeley

Another interesting app that students must use in 2022 is Mendeley. It is one of the best because most students get confused with referencing, and Mendeley is known for its free reference manager system. Moreover, it is a pdf reader that is designed especially for researchers. You can use this to organise your literature accurately. You can use Mendeley on mobile as well as desktop. You can collect articles and read them in Mendeley. When you have a research writing paper, you can use Mendeley to organise your paper and maintain a sequence of the referencing list.

5. Grammarly

Another world-class app that every student must use is Grammarly. Whether you are writing a report, assignment, case study, or an email, you want that to be grammatically accurate and free of plagiarism. This app can help you do just that without any hassle. You can mention the language like American English or British English, and the tool will check your document accordingly. Moreover, you can find out the readability score of the document. The higher the readability score, the more chances that people will read the paper. You can check the delivery of the content, clarity, engagement, style, tone, etc. Several ERP assignment help services use Grammarly to check their content. The above-mentioned apps can help you use the best ones and help you make the best of your time. Moreover, you can use these apps to improve your academic papers. Author Bio: I am Jacob working as an assignment expert in MNC. We have total of 10+ years experienced in writing like write my thesis for me, database management assignment help, physics homework help, tableau assignment help and hospitality assignment help etc.

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