Skin Care Tips

Do you know these skin care tips? See if there is anything you are holding on to or stepping on in the pit?

Stick to sunscreen

The harm of not sun protection is really great. The ultraviolet rays in the sun will not only tan the skin but also accelerate aging and skin relaxation, as well as skin problems such as sunburn. If you want to become white and young, you should apply sun protection. Many people think it’s nothing, but when the skin reaches the aging stage, the problem will appear!

sun protection
Daily sunscreen is a must, go out and wear sunscreen! Umbrella! Otherwise, all kinds of sunburn, freckles, and fine lines will come to you. The umbrella must be bought with a vinyl coating, and the one with the coating inside can be used in both rain and shine. Sunscreen can not only protect against UV rays, but more importantly, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and even prevent acne.

It is best not to wash your face with a towel

Always use face wash. If necessary, use disposable face washcloths, because towels are easy to breed bacteria in some environments, and it is easy to cause acne on the face. Disposable washcloths can be used.

Try not to remove makeup with cotton pads

Try not to use makeup remover cotton to remove makeup, but use makeup remover milk, because the makeup remover cotton rubs on the face and rubs repeatedly every day, the skin cuticle will become thinner and thinner, especially if the makeup remover cotton material is not soft enough, the damage to the skin is really super. ! Makeup stays on the face for as short a time as possible. When makeup is not necessary, try to keep your skin clean and transparent.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliate regularly, the waste accumulation of keratin will block the absorption of nutrients, so choose to exfoliate regularly to open up channels for the skin’s skin condition. You can use some cleansing masks to remove foreign bodies such as blackheads and whiteheads so that the skin can be better maintained.

Try to quit sugar

makeup remover
Giving up sugar does not mean that you don’t eat sweets or sugar at all. It is highly extreme to completely quit, and it is impossible to quit completely. Many high GI foods also increase blood sugar. Milk tea sweets, such as high-sugar foods, fruits, grapes, and watermelons with high sugar content, etc., must control the intake. After a little control, you will find that the condition of your skin will really improve a lot. Especially for people with acne, quitting sugar will make your acne disappear faster.

Don’t squeeze and pick pimples

It is estimated that people with acne-like to pick up when they have something to do. The process is very sour, but the result is that you may not be able to bear it. There are thousands of ways to ruin your face, and picking acne is the first one! There is a high probability that picking acne will lead to: leaving acne marks, a bacterial infection of acne, worsening by stimulation, the formation of large-scale hyperplastic acne scars, and so on. Be sure to quit the bad habit of squeezing and picking pimples! If you can’t help it, put on an acne patch to accelerate the maturity of the acne and suck out the pus

Use whitening products before going to bed, and remember to use sunscreen during the day

When using whitening products before going to bed, remember not to play with your mobile phone, especially the photosensitive whitening ingredients, otherwise, it will turn black before it is white. If you use whitening products during the day, remember to use sunscreen and sunscreen! Especially vc products.

Ps: Niacinamide whitening should pay attention to concentration and tolerance. It is recommended to start with a low concentration, about 3%. If there are acne marks and spots, arbutin, will have the effect of lightening and whitening!

Apply body lotion

body lotion
Body lotion can make the skin more moist and nutritious, so apply some body lotion after every bath to make the skin more white and tender.

In fact, our well-maintained skin must maintain a normal daily routine and adequate sleep. The skin is the largest metabolic organ of the human body, not the absorption organ. Skincare is one aspect, and the most important thing is an internal adjustment. Good sleep, a healthy diet, and proper exercise are the foundation for better skin, which can make the skin better.

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