Safety rules for school students

Teaching them these basic things

I think awareness of driving and road safety rules for school students is very important because it helps them to drive safely. First of all, we need to teach them about the basic rules Like always looking at the side mirror before you turn right or left.

Always looking at the front mirror before you stop your car does not drive if your eyesight is weak and so on By teaching them these basic things they can save their lives by themselves.

If they are taught these things then they will never commit any mistakes while driving such as speed breakers merge etc.

Teaching them these basic things

Driving license

This will also help them to pass their driving license with flying colors because most of the times students fail in exams because of one silly mistake which results in loss of points and many other complications like suspension for a month or so etc.

Driving license

After passing this test it becomes easy for those who are ready to buy a car or bike without anyone’s support or guidance from parents or teachers etc.

let’s go over some road safety rules that can help you avoid accidents while driving

safety rules for school students Look out for pedestrians, especially children. Do not use the phone when driving or riding a motorcycle or bicycle because your attention needs to be given to the road and not to your phone calls and text messages.

Be extra cautious of children crossing streets even if they have a green crossing light – this only applies in school zones where there are pedestrian traffic lights (those yellow ones)

Make sure you stop before the crossing light and make sure all kids are safe before proceeding with your turn/drive/cycle!

Safety awareness

If you need to wait for 10 seconds after the red light turns green; it’ll give any kid some time to cross safely! And please don’t honk at them…this makes kids feel unsafe and they might not cross again!. Watch out for blind spots when changing lanes around trucks and buses

Safety awareness among school students

It is very important for safety rules for school students to understand because it is directly related to their safety and the safety of others. Is there any danger in taking a class driving car alone?

2 Are there any limits on driving times for school students?

3. Students should learn the rules about alcohol and drugs especially when they drive their cars so that they can keep themselves safe from accidents caused by alcohol or drugs.

4. There are some special traffic rules that apply only to school buses and school cars (School bus has a yellow sign with black letters: ‘school bus’ on its front and back sides)

Do you know what road signs indicate? What do you think about these traffic rules? Can you give some advice on how to follow these traffic rules while driving safely?

Half of the students who participated in an online survey admitted that they do not wear their seat belts when traveling by car.

The survey was conducted by Abhimanyu a group of students from the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIM-K) to study road safety awareness among school students. For Information about safety rules visit daytodaynewz

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