Rectangular Cubicle Vs Quadrant

Although shower enclosures are not new, but they have gained popularity in recent years. Not only these can help you divide wet and dry bathroom areas but can transform the entire look of the bathroom. If you, too, want to consider installing a new shower enclosure in your bathroom, then it is important that you know some important information regarding the different shapes of the shower enclosure. 

Generally, when planning for an enclosure, you will have options like a square, quadrant, offset, and rectangular shower cubicle. But why so many different shapes? Can I install any shape in my bathroom? If you are unsure about what type of enclosure will be the best option for you, then you can continue reading. We will be explaining the major differences between quadrant and rectangular shower enclosures, which are the most popular choices among homeowners in the UK. 

Rectangular Shower Cubicles

As it is clear from the name, it is a cubicle that has a longer length and shorter width. So, in that way, it makes a bigger enclosure than the square shape. That means a rectangular enclosure usually requires more space than its counterpart and offers plenty of room to move inside and enjoy a luxurious shower experience. 

Quadrant Shower Cubicles

Contrary to rectangular, the quadrant shower cubicle has a curved frontage similar to a half-circle, giving it a distinct shape. It is a kind of shape that can perfectly fit into the bathroom corners, helping you to make use of the space that may otherwise not be used. You may also choose an offset variation of a quadrant design that is like a rectangular shape from the backside. 

Why You Should Choose Rectangular Shower Cubicle?

There are the following reasons to prefer a rectangular enclosure. 

  • Luxurious Shower Experience. You should choose this type of cubicle if you want a luxurious and speciose shower experience. Due to the shape of this enclosure, there is a lot of room available inside the shower area to move around. So, you can clearly feel the difference in using it. The bigger length and shorter width are perfect for creating a perfect cubicle.
  • Suitable For Large and Medium Bathrooms. A family bathroom will probably be the best-suited space for such enclosures. It is because, the rectangular enclosures are spacious and require more space that is usually not available in the small bathrooms. So, logically you should install them in large or medium size bathrooms where you don’t have much problem with space. 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design. Functionality and aesthetics are two major reasons for installing a rectangular enclosure. With a shower cubicle, homeowners usually want a perfect modern look in their bathroom. A rectangular has highly pleasing looks that will transform the looks of your master bathroom.
  • Shower Door Options. The choice of shower door is also an important consideration for all enclosures. However, it should be based on the need of the space and type of enclosure. The great thing is that you can choose any type of shower door with a rectangular cubicle. But the most appropriate one for it is hinged or pivot doors that open outwards and require clearance space, which is usually not a problem with large or medium bathrooms. 

Why Should You Choose a Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

There are the following reasons to choose a quadrant shower enclosure

  • Space-Saving Design. So, here comes the first major difference between a quadrant and a rectangular cubicle. A quadrant shape enclosure is considered a space-saving design that is suitable for small bathrooms. While you usually have limited choice for small bathrooms, a quadrant should be your choice if you want a great-looking enclosure that can utilize a bathroom corner with a curved front and softer look. 
  • Spacious Shower Experience. Despite quadrant enclosures being preferable for small bathrooms, its curved shape makes a bit more room for a reasonably spacious shower experience. 
  • Stylish Looks. Quadrant enclosures have a unique shape that is a lot different from other types of enclosures. It looks stylish and can transform the entire look of your bathroom. 
  • Sliding and Bifold Shower Doors. Unlike rectangular enclosures, rectangular showers don’t go well with a pivot shower door. You may choose a sliding or a bifold shower door instead. 

Our Verdict.

Both quadrant and rectangular shower cubicles are a great option for different reasons. Where a rectangular shape is perfect for a family bathroom, you are better off considering a quadrant shape for a small space. If you have space available and want a luxurious shower experience where you have plenty of space to move around inside the shower area, then a rectangular shape should be your preferred choice. If you want a perfect look in the bathroom, then you should choose the right glass thickness and complement it with other fixtures. 

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