Cracked Skin

What is cracked skin?

According to the American Association of Dermatology, the cuts or fissures on the skin are called cracked skin. They mainly occur on almost any part of the body, especially on exposed body parts like hands and feet when a person’s skin is irritated and dry.

In addition, dry and cracked skin can most commonly suffer

  • Itching
  • Flaking
  • Bleeding

When any makeup product is applied to cracked skin, some people may feel unpleasant. Moreover, the skin of such people may feel more sensitive to household cleaning products or even to water temperature. So, they essentially need to apply ointments and creams just suggested by reliable dermatologists. 

First Aid Care for Cracked Skin.

If you develop any fissures or cracks in your skin, immediately take steps to treat them by appointment with a professional skin specialist. That skin treatment will nevertheless reduce the risk of infection. 

Moreover, follow the below-given tips for prevention of the appearance of cracks on your skin:

Washing hands

Wash Hand

Always wash your hands before touching your skin, use warm and soapy water to wash your hands.

Stop the bleeding

Apply gentle pressure to the fissure or cut with a clean bandage or cloth. That helps in stopping the bleeding.

Stop the bleeding

Clean the cut

Rinse the crack cut under running tap water. Then wash that area with soap. Gently remove any lint, dirt, or other debris from the wound.

  1. Apply a protective ointment suggested by a skin specialist 

The best over-the-counter first aid is petroleum jelly. However, you can also apply other medical creams for it. Both these can bolster your skin’s immune response and strengthen your skin tissues. 

Watch for infection

Mostly, the psoriasis plaques don’t get infected. But sometimes, they are open or cracked; they could. Watch for yellow discharge or pus, tenderness to the touch, around the lesion, worsening redness, feeling of muscle pain, or fever. These all are symptoms of an infection; visit a dermatologist as soon as possible for any such issue. 

Other Preventive Measures 

  • Use a small quantity of a gentle fragrance-free cleanser for washing your cracked skin
  • Drying the skin by blotting, not rubbing roughly
  • Immediately after blotting, apply a mild moisturizer
  • Use warm instead of hot water
  • Close the door of the bathroom to lock in moisture 
  • Clean up for a limit of 10 minutes.

Furthermore, skilled dermatologists also suggest that people should wear gloves for protecting their hands and feet when

  • Going outside in winter
  • While doing any work that gets the hands wet
  • Using harsh chemicals, any substances, and degreasers

What about cracked lips?

Many skin specialists suggest using a humidifier in the house if the air is dry for cracked lips. Humidifiers may significantly help to treat dry lips, according to ADD. In addition to that, racked lips can also be soothed by using lip balm to some extent. However, some lip balms may cause a stinging or burning sensation due to their ingredients. If you have cracked lips, choosing a non-irritating lip balm is essential. And get more detail about the skin and publish articles daytodaynewz.

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