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For those who don’t want to spend a fortune on Viagra, there’s a natural solution for erectile dysfunction that’s inexpensive, easy to find, and free from side effects: pumpkin seeds. Erectile dysfunction is an extremely common condition with approximately 30 million men suffering from it in the United States alone. You must try generic pills like Cenforce 100 as well as Fildena 100. Even more astounding is that forty percent of males will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives.

How Pumpkin Seeds Helpful In Treat Erectile Dysfunction Quickly?


  • Pumpkin seeds have long been associated with sexual health, so you may be wondering what benefits they can bring to erectile dysfunction.
  • Fortunately, pumpkin seeds contain high levels of zinc, a mineral that helps increase sperm production and prevent testosterone deficiency in men.
  • Pumpkin seeds also contain vitamins A, D, E, and K, which all support healthy blood flow and overall artery strength. Men need lots of blood to have an erection, and eating pumpkin seeds can help.
  • As men age, their zinc levels drop, leading to impotency and prostate enlargement. Zinc helps prevent the formation of DHT, the male hormone that affects erectile dysfunction.
  • In addition, low levels of zinc are associated with decreased sperm quality and an increased risk of infertility.
  • Zinc is also essential for maintaining healthy levels of testosterone and preventing the breakdown of it into estrogen, which can lead to balding and erectile dysfunction.
  • Zinc levels in pumpkin seeds are also high enough to treat erectile dysfunction.

Omega 3 fatty acids

  • Many studies have suggested that eating pumpkin seeds regularly may help with erectile dysfunction.
  • They are an excellent source of zinc, which helps increase testosterone levels. Testosterone is needed by men to produce sperm.
  • It affects lean body tissue, muscle size and strength, and sex function. Pumpkin seeds also contain selenium, an important mineral for the protection of cells.
  • These nutrient-dense seeds are also prostate-friendly. Erectile dysfunction is often the result of an unbalanced hormonal state.
  • In men, testosterone is the main hormone and plays a key role in the production of sperm. Zinc is an excellent anti-inflammatory and is helpful in improving sex drive.
  • Pumpkin seeds also contain a healthy amount of vitamin B.
  • A diet high in saturated fats can increase the “bad” LDL cholesterol in the body. High levels of LDL cholesterol are associated with an increase in atherosclerosis, which is a leading cause of heart disease.
  • Furthermore, too much LDL cholesterol can contribute to erectile dysfunction.
  • Consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber can help maintain a healthy cholesterol level in the body.

Side effects

  • Research suggests that consuming pumpkin seeds can help improve erectile dysfunction. Pumpkin seeds contain many nutrient-dense vitamins and minerals that can enhance libido.
  • They also contain zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and niacin. Other benefits of pumpkin seeds include improving overall health and fertility in males.
  • These benefits may be worth trying. If you want to learn more, read on to learn more about pumpkin seeds and erectile dysfunction.
  • The minerals in pumpkin seeds are essential to male sexual drive. These seeds are rich in calcium and niacin. Calcium is essential for energy production and erections, while phosphorous aids sperm motility and counts.
  • Niacin also helps regulate blood pressure and is beneficial for tactile sensation. Pumpkin seeds also contain a rare motor protein called myosin.
  • They also contain potassium, an essential mineral for men suffering from hypertension and erectile dysfunction.

Inhibition of oxidative stress

  • Inhibition of oxidative stress is a key element in the pathophysiology of erectile dysfunction.
  • Erectile tissues accumulate oxidative products, and antioxidant therapy can prevent smooth muscle fibrosis and improve erectile function.
  • Pumpkin seeds contain a significant amount of vitamin E in its various forms, including alpha-tocopherol and gamma-tocopherol.
  • Inhibition of oxidative stress by pumpkin seeds has numerous benefits, including promoting male erection. Pumpkin seed protein is a potent anti-oxidant.
  • It prevents the damage caused by free radicals. Pumpkin seed extracts also improve serum total proteins, bilirubin, and ALP. Pumpkin seed protein significantly reduced ALT and AST activities.
  • These effects likely result from PSO’s hepathoprotective effects, as pumpkin seeds contain compounds that reduce oxidative stress and protect the liver.
  • A new nutraceutical complex containing pumpkin seed extract and soy germ isoflavonoids may improve erectile function and LUTS in BPH patients.
  • The study was conducted in a number of clinics throughout Lebanon and is a preliminary study.
  • The trial has undergone Institutional Review Board approval, and each participant signed a written informed consent form. The recruitment period was from April to October 2018.

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