Virtual Numbers in India

A virtual number is a geographical number hosted on cloud servers with no physical presence. Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers redirect calls to a dedicated service number without requiring a physical setup.

Call recipients must be physically present at their station to answer calls in traditional telephony. It is impossible to reach them in time if they are away.

In contrast, virtual numbers do not need access to a cell tower or a specific device to work. To intelligently route calls and voicemails, these numbers rely on an Internet connection and cloud technology instead of such infrastructures. Thus, it is easier to reach people even if they are on the move.

In addition, with the help of IVR solutions, these numbers can be easily converted into virtual assistants to handle all of your communication requirements.

Having enough time is one of the biggest issues we all face as entrepreneurs. There never seems to be enough of it. And there is always so much to do.

The more time you spend in the weeds of business administration, the less time you have to do what you’re good at (and get paid for) or spend working on your business.

This is why I always recommend the use of Virtual Assistants (VA’s) and Call Answering Services to other business owners. So you can focus on the things you should be doing, they can handle tasks that you shouldn’t be doing. They’ll probably do a better job than we would, too!

Whether you’re planning to expand your operations to new locations or adopt a remote work culture, virtual numbers have you covered. Find out how.

For Businesses

Improve your business’s reach, improve your credibility, and magnify your reach with virtual numbers. Instead of bulky and expensive hardware, virtual numbers require minimal infrastructure. Therefore, you do not even need physical servers at your office; just use a cloud-compatible device.

Moreover, these numbers do not have a fixed geographic location, so you can establish a local presence for your business by using any area code.

Customer attendance is four times higher from a local virtual number than an unfamiliar number, according to Software Advice. You can thus connect to a larger audience without much effort by using a virtual number.

Furthermore, the solution enables customers to contact the right person quickly and saves them time by establishing a local presence for your business. What is the process? According to time, type of query, agent preference, etc., smart call routing guides calls to the most appropriate agent or department.

Therefore, virtual assistants ensure you never miss an important call and, hence, you do not lose business. You can even stay in touch with your callers and let them know your whereabouts with features such as auto-attendant and holiday routing.

Generally, your customers can connect with appropriate agents instantly and effortlessly – lowering your costs, enhancing accessibility and removing geographic restrictions.

For Marketing

Marketing campaigns and ROIs can be tracked with virtual numbers for different channels. In order to design effective marketing strategies-from social media campaigns to online advertising-you can assign different numbers to different campaigns and analyze the results separately.

Virtual numbers can be used to track and monitor the performance of A/B testing in order to adapt to ongoing trends. This data provides valuable insight into customer behavior and preferences.

For Communication

It will be of great benefit to companies that rely on call centers to manage their customer interactions. As the first point of contact with clients, both existing and new, the virtual assistants act as the first point of contact. Support conversations are enhanced when callers receive a human-like experience.

In peak hours, the technology streamlines call flows and routes high call traffic automatically to the next best agent. Customer issues are resolved more quickly and more efficiently this way.

In addition, it protects customer and agent identities by masking their contact numbers. Furthermore, businesses are able to better control their business processes and, consequently, enjoy improved performance.

Even though virtual numbers are primarily offered to businesses in India, they can be of great benefit to individuals as well. Imagine giving out your personal number to sites like Quikr and Olx and then dealing with all those spam calls.

Cloud telephony solutions help solve this problem.

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