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Studies in 2021 indicate that the global graphic design market was worth $41.8 billion. The graphic design industry shows potential for further growth in the coming years. Graphic design solves visual problems and improves communication in various ways. Problem-solving is possible through color, typography, imagery, and form.

Each type of graphic design is different in functionality and design techniques. Some overlap while others are independent.

Fundamental Types of Graphic Design

When you consult graphic design services in the USA, here are the graphic design solutions you are most likely to get:

graphics designing
Graphic Design Services

Visual Identity Graphic Design

Visual identity and brand identity are quite similar. Brand identity determines how an organization communicates with its audience. The visual components act as the face of a brand, it includes color, images, and shapes. To get the brand’s message out there, graphic designers create logos, color palettes, and typography to showcase a company’s personality.

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

Successful marketing appeals to potential customers by tapping into their wants and needs. Graphic design helps companies to create awareness about a product or service. Inarguably, visual content is more appealing to an audience. Communication is also more effective when customers see what you have to offer.

Examples of marketing graphic design are flyers, infographics, brochures, and email marketing templates, among more.

Publication Graphic Design

Publications are long-form pieces, including books, newspapers, catalogs, and magazines. However, people consider these forms traditional. Development in technology has led to new digital publishing solutions. These electronic publishing options require graphic designers to work with editors and publishers.

This collaboration allows designers and publishers to create the best layouts with the artwork. Such designs help publishing companies and their clients to get their literary pieces out to the intended audience.

Publication designers must have skills such as communication and organizational expertise.

Packaging Graphic Design

Most products require packaging to act as a protective layer for distribution, storage, and sale. The packaging design acts as a form of communication, making it an essential marketing tool. Whether the product is in a carton, can or paper packaging, the information displayed tells the brand’s story.

Motion Graphic Design

In simple terms, motion graphic design is graphics that are in motion. Forms of graphic design in motion include animation, video, imagery effects on television, film, and online media.

Motion graphics design is among the newest forms of design. Previously, it was common for TV and film, Today, advancements in technology have made motion graphics more accessible and affordable.

graphics designing

Here are some examples of motion graphic design:




Animated logos

Graphic design is evolving every day. Also, the demand for better graphic design services and solutions is increasing significantly.

When you are looking for the right person to do the job, understand the different forms of graphic design. Such understanding will help you settle on the best graphic design service provider.

Visual identification and logo identification are pretty similar. Brand identification determines how an company communicates with its audience. The visible additives act because the face of a logo, it consists of shadeation, images, and shapes. To get the logo’s message out there, photograph designers create logos, shadeation palettes, and typography to show off a company’s personality.

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