environment pollution

Environmental pollution

The term “Environmental pollution” is used for all of the harmful and potentially dangerous effects that human society has on our environment, including air quality, water, water sources, soil, etc. Such factors can cause harm in ways such as global warming, acid rain, a deterioration of sea level, and other possible consequences which may affect mankind and nature as well.

Environmental pollution

There are various types of pollution for every type of situation including climate change pollution, pollution itself is caused by different kinds of things such as industrial wastes, nuclear power plants and so much more. The main focus of this article will be our relationship with the natural environment. This involves water contamination, ozone depletion, and global warming. You will find out what a large percentage of humans put themselves at risk for pollution by using products from companies and governments, and more importantly how they can protect the environment to save the future.

 Let’s comprehend the route causes and their effects of removing those factors to save the environment.

1. Air Pollution

Air pollution introduces pollutants, organic molecules, or other unsafe materials into Earth’s atmosphere.

Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS):  These pollutants cause cancer and other major toxic diseases. Examples of those pollutants show up in everyday products such as perchloroethylene-green dry cleaning business emits certain pollutants and Gasoline that contains benzene.

Particulate Pollutants are Lead, Fly Ash, Metallic Oxides, and Nanoparticles. Gaseous Pollutants include Carbon monoxide (CO), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), Ozone (O3), Nitrogen oxide (NOx), Sulphur dioxide (SO2), Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Benzene, Ethylene, Biological pollutants, Asbestos, and Radon. Natural cycles, such as the carbon or nitrogen cycle, remove the gases but are not confined.

Exposure to Air Pollution

People can have polluted air exposure while breathing contaminated air, drinking water, eating food, and having skin contact with contaminated water or dust. The effects on humans and all living organisms depend on the amount, duration, and concentrations of exposure in the polluted environment. Hence, it can lead to extinction.

Environmental Pollution Pictures

2. Water Pollution

The water from lakes, ponds, and rivers is reducing rapidly. The industry used to pour chemical wastage directly into fresh water.

Water Pollution

The negative impact this has on not only the current and future communities, but also how we view the world and ourselves. For example, if you think about the oceans, the way you treat them or even throw stuff into them can have irreversible effects on the health and the life of animals in the ocean community. Therefore, it’s vital to be vigilant and take steps toward protecting our oceans.

3. Land Pollution

On Earth, more than 70% of the land is used for agriculture. That directly affects the quality of food produced. Not only this, but the growth of the population contributes to higher levels of waste. According to data and statistics provided by United Nations, there are 12 billion people on the planet today.

Land Pollution

This is made up of two groups:

1) Those who are poor due to a lack of resources, and

2) Those who live a decent lifestyle, i.e. are financially stable. With these numbers, everyone should try and do something about it. That means not just buying eco-friendly products, but also supporting environmentally friendly initiatives that support alternative fuel sources. People should realize the fact that even though the prices of certain commodities used for the benefit of humanity would drop, they don’t mean the product is less healthy to use and consume, and that people who use products that contain such things will start producing less milk and vegetables as a response.

3. Littering in the Surrounding

Also, the amount of garbage and debris that is being thrown every day is really scary. Several types of junk are being thrown around every day that include cardboard boxes, glass bottles, plastic bags, etc. All of this is affecting global ecosystems and killing other creatures. Another reason why people need to care about where the materials are thrown are being thrown and more so is that it will help bring attention to the fact that the problem is here and people need to keep acting now before it gets out of control. If you see that the number of plastics in your home is much bigger than usual, just keep it there for a couple of days without thinking about it and the difference that could make in our surroundings.

Littering in the Surrounding

4. Greenhouse Gas Effects

The greenhouse effect retains heat in the atmosphere. It damages the ozone layer and increases the level of humidity. The emission of CO2 in the atmosphere is caused by normal or natural processes and human activities. Some fluorinated gases are Methane (CH4) and Nitrous Oxide (NO2). We are currently responsible for approximately 2.5 percent of emissions of greenhouse gases.

green house gas Effects

It’s only going to get worse if we continue to ignore the changing climatic conditions at this point. These kinds of carbon dioxide emissions are leading us into a potential crisis and might be impossible to fix unless we cut down on energy consumption and reduce other forms of activity like building more buildings and driving vehicles.

By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, people can expect lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, which will eventually help mitigate global warming, but it won’t solve everything.

Environmental Protection Management

Nowadays, people have become aware of the adverse effects on the environment, and are turning into better environmental stewards and making positive changes in their lives to ensure our planet is taken care of and protected for generations to come. However, people still aren’t doing anything about it. Unfortunately, many nations around the world are slowly starting to grow complacent with this issue, leaving people behind and letting them contribute to the problem.

Environmental Protection Management

To combat this, people should be active advocates for green actions, by promoting campaigns that will help raise awareness in these countries and raising the pressure on them to bring forward more sustainable choices in their businesses, homes, and daily lives.

But what about the biggest issue surrounding pollution and its effects on our atmosphere?

 What about the fact that most people in some areas still use fossil fuels instead of renewable ones?

Some of us probably wouldn’t have changed our habits if we had more time and money to do it. Nowadays, it seems as if we have enough time just for each other! But is this worth taking for granted?

Do we still deserve to live a long and happy life? Are we truly satisfied with what we have?

 It seems like the answer to the second question is “yes, definitely”, but if the first one wasn’t, then maybe the third one is even more likely. So is it worth it? Probably not, especially when there are alternatives available to replace things that pollute the air with such things as solar panels, wind turbines, water pumps, etc. Even though the production and manufacturing of alternative energy are going to cost more, it would save a lot of the planet’s resources in the long run. This can be done by encouraging individuals to look for new and exciting solutions to existing problems.

For example, rather than relying on oil to give energy, people can opt for generating their electricity through recycling sources such as organic matter (for clothes, plastics, and paper products), or even biomass.

To stay safe and secure from pollution and other related threats, people should choose options that not only will not add more CO2 to the atmosphere but also will save the planet in the long run.

We are currently surrounded by vast amounts of plastic as well and this is slowly poisoning our precious ocean. Although we are actively working on finding alternative sources of energy, we shouldn’t let our hopes get too high and think that nothing can be done about it. Once again, we need to understand what a big deal it is that there are no signs of stopping this. Instead of blaming others for having caused any form of mess, it is important to take responsibility and be aware of how our actions affect the Earth.

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