Weight gain is an issue in many people these days. It was prevalent in the colder days too, and they were concerned about it. This was because they used to think being overweight is good, and it was a sign of a healthy livelihood.

These days when a person wants to gain weight it’s because they are too thin and they do not look good wearing the clothes they like. Also, people who like to gain muscles and athletes as well. So how to do it without consuming synthetic supplements from the market? You can always try Ayurvedic solutions. Let’s have a look at the below tips.

Banana and curd: 

People who are looking for weight gain can start having curd and banana in their daily meals. If you have issues digesting milk and banana in the morning you can always have curd instead of that. It will help you gain more weight. You can also go for Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Gain. This will give you faster results.

Ashwagandha powder with milk: 

You must have milk every day to gain a better weight. You may not like drinking milk, but when you are on the path of building your body, you need to intake milk. To make it more nutritious you can add Ashwagandha powder to it. This will help you gain weight faster.


Dates are sweet, and you may like the taste of it. Try having at least five dates daily, and it will help you gain weight swiftly. You can also consume this fruit with milk, and you will get better benefits. For better and faster results you can try Baidyanath products, and you will find it easier to gain weight than before.

Milk with asparagus powder: 

Asparagus powder is a nutritious food ingredient, and you can have that with milk every day. This will help you gain weight. You also need a high protein diet and this will help you. You can have any type of milk like buttermilk, soy milk. You can even have yogurt instead of milk.

Reduce intervals between food intakes: 

You must avoid having a long break between meals. You can keep eating something in this gap, and it will keep you full. If you think that not eating for a long time will help you, it will just backfire and give you gastritis. So, you need to follow the right diet. The best thing you can do is to get a diet chart from a dietitian and follow the same.

Healthy fats and veggies: 

Weight gain will not be easy when you start eating oily foods. You need a healthy approach towards life and for that start eating healthy fats. You can have that from different nuts and seeds. Also, make sure to eat lots of vegetables.

Other than these, you can have a high-protein diet, indulge in daily exercise, and try out Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Gain. These will help you gain weight faster.

Right Baidyanath Solution Of Shilajit Rasayan Vati

Details of the Vati

After each meal, it is recommended to have two pills of the Shilajit Rasayan Vati with hot milk or light warm water, or as advised by your physician. In case of erectile problems, men infertility, and other sexual diseases you should have the pill with the correct awareness. It is a solution that is solely applicable to men. Before using the solution, make sure you go through the label thoroughly. The vati should be taken in the recommended dosage. Excessive consumption of the same can lead to physiological issues. Make sure it’s the perfect option for your health and well-being.

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