Don’t pretend it doesn’t matter. All “shadows of oldness” people need and want love and connection as much as young people. Probably more.

Many years of retired widow often have a particularly difficult time dealing with the elderly, especially when looking for young women. They have a lot to overcome:

Chemical changes in the brain

Physiological changes

Lifestyle-induced declines occur rapidly and unknowingly

Loss of social consciousness

Loss of border consciousness

Not aware of their annoying behavior

Loss of concern about personal cleanliness

Not aware of the loss of physical appeal

For decades, married men often took their wives for granted. They had sex when they wanted it and did nothing to stay physically or sexually attractive. (My wife didn’t do that either). The truth is that they both took each other as a matter of course.

Assuming a woman still has a young persona, when a woman loses her husband, and if she pays minimal attention to her social skills, she usually goes into dating games. You can go back. She may not have much to choose from, but she is “in play.” If a woman can paint her face, pull spanx, and spray perfume, she can usually attract someone and share her life to some extent.

But men will have more difficult times, especially if they want a younger woman, or unless he is financially well-established. In that case, he can usually attract whatever he wants.

Many men have long forgotten how to attract and interact with perhaps younger women, who are more modern than the women he has lived with for many years. Men who are younger, such as genetic defects or health problems, may have a hard time. For example, a grumpy woman turns off looking at bad or missing teeth and bad breath. And this is a big deal-women don’t want to be nurses. She is compassionate, but cares for children or adults who are sick and in need.

For some immeasurable reason, old men seem to think they should join the tendency of young men to have facial hair. please think about it. An old man with a face full of hairy white hair doesn’t look sexy. He looks just 20 years older than him, and if the truth is told, he looks dilapidated. And since he may be as grumpy as he can, his beard may be infested with various food debris, and other debris found by scientific tests may be full of fecal bacteria. Hmm.

Men aren’t as sharp as they used to be, and even though they’re shrinking to some extent, they often imagine for themselves the attractive studs women want. If you want to see something pathetic, order senior coffee at McDonald’s and watch it flirting with a teenage female orderer. work.

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