Certified Legal Business Manager


Legal business management is fundamentally a new era of management thinking. In the 21st century, management science is facing new challenges. With the development of the rule of law in the market economy, higher requirements are put forward for the combination of management and law at the conceptual and technical level, which also gave birth to China’s “Law and Business Management”. The birth of ideas.
With the goal of cultivating managers of the new era with legal and business wisdom and the historical mission of creating a new era of legal and business management, the registered legal business manager implements the educational concept of “smart business, clear law, sensitive thinking, and good deeds”. Politics, understand the law, have ideas, and be good at business management”.

Training objective

Cultivate managers of the new era with legal and business wisdom, and cultivate high-end management talents in legal and business management across the country – registered legal and business managers.
What are the problems faced by Chinese enterprises today? Under today’s business background, why are many Chinese enterprises obviously unable to do their best in the process of becoming bigger and stronger, or in the process of internationalization? During the seemingly benign development process, many companies suddenly lost their way, making them fall into the shackles of the rule of law; many companies are well-versed in domestic operations, but once they enter the international market, they will not work well; even many companies have Carefully avoiding various business risks but ignoring legal risks, his backyard is on fire…
All of these reveal that the support for the successful operation of Chinese enterprises is based on their own “business” resources, experience, capabilities, and methods, and when faced with the new problem of “double transformation” of changing development methods and international challenges. , these past business advantages have become weak, because “double transformation” needs more “double wisdom” and “double ability” of “business” and “rule of law”!

What is the solution to the problem?

The most serious problem facing the development of Chinese enterprises is not simply the problem of business concepts and methods, but the lack of decision-making concepts and management capabilities that are inherently related to “business” and “law”. management” and “law and business wisdom”! The lack of legal spirit and legal capacity of our business operators may be traced back to our history and social development. However, the business environment we are facing today has suggested to us that we must change the business management model of our enterprise: change “business intelligence” into “law business intelligence”, use “law business management” to control various rules, so as to effectively configure different Resources for businesses and markets.

  1. Understand the concept of legal and business management, teach the latest cutting-edge management concepts, inspire new thinking for enterprise transformation, and create a good development prospect for the enterprise;
  2. Combining strong powers, entrepreneurs implement the concept of legal business, and solve the problems of “focusing on development” and “compliance with regulations” in the transformation;
  3. Improve the analysis ability of the overall framework, clarify the analysis ideas, and supervise the system by tutors. The tutors are acted by well-known enterprise actual combat experts, and the whole process of follow-up guidance;
  4. Master the main methods of the overall analysis of the development of legal and commercial enterprises, and learn the application of methods through a large number of legal and commercial cases;
  5. Build golden contacts, provide advantageous partners, understand the relationship between legal and business concepts and corporate strategic development, and learn the ideas and methods of value analysis;
  6. Cultivate a global vision of law and business, build a new logic for writing, thinking, and analyzing problems, and write a concise and accurate analysis report on legal and business management concepts;
  7. The certificate of “Registered Legal Business Manager” issued by the China Business Enterprise Management Association and academic anti-counterfeiting by the Legal Business Management Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law;

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