Ali Rauf Qureshi

Hello, there beautiful people,

Ali Rauf Qureshi Cross Fit Trainer

My name is Ali Rauf Qureshi,

I have been working in the fitness industry for more than a decade now, with hundreds of clients which I have trained I came across many challenges which I completed as I take my client’s goals very seriously, training and exercise with me is all you have to do is to stay dedicated, disciplined and consistent that’s all you need to achieve your goals. A certain thing about me is that I love helping my client’s goals or achievements. I listen to them, guide them, and help them through the process. Make them understand this whole process of transformation, fat loss or muscle gain, etc.

I say the following quote a lot and it’s my own :

 “I can only show you the path, You have to walk on it whether you like it or not.”

Ali Rauf Qureshi

I would like to add something about myself that I also went through a transformation myself as I was also overweight but I was never lazy I used to play sports in school and use to participate as well. That thing kept me going on but I lacked confidence in myself but when I got a little better as I started working out felt more confident in myself. That’s why I think the pain of my clients or people who have less confidence in themselves I can understand and help them get better mentally & physically.

My expertise is as follows :

  • CrossFit
  • Fat loss
  • Functional fitness
  • TRX (first ever certified Pakistani)
  • Kettlebell, Olympic lifting, etc.

I use specific social media platforms as well for my clients who are abroad links are listed below:

Instagram: aliqureshi619

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Facebook: Arq13

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You Tube Channel Ali Rauf Qureshi

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In the end, I just want to say that where ever you, whoever you are if you want to make a change in the world you have to change yourself first rest will follow.

Cheers guys and live fit & well

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Call : +92-331-4020398 (what’s app available)