Medicine For Liver

The liver is a multi-tasker in our bodies. If this organ gets dysfunctional, you can get different types of unexpected diseases and health problems. Even when you are not a drinker you will get a fatty liver issue and this problem is hard to get rid of.

To get a healthy liver and proper functions you need to follow a healthy lifestyle and try Ayurvedic solutions. In Ayurved liver issues are regarded with pitta and when you suffer from the dysfunction of various trouble. Let’s find out the Ayurvedic remedies you can have to prevent the dysfunction of the liver.

Turmeric extract: 

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and for that, you will get better health benefits if you add this spice to your daily food. You can have turmeric milk, or add the same in recipes. It will fight against the toxins that affect the liver and will keep you healthy.

Milk thistle: 

This is regarded the tonic for the liver. It has anti-inflammatory properties that cool down the burning of the liver. In some studies has been found that it reduces the level of toxins during chemotherapy. For the non-toxic nature of milk thistle added in different medicines and for home remedies. You can always have Ayurvedic Medicine For Liver, and it will give you faster and better results.

Aloe Vera juice: 

Aloe Vera is good for your entire body and the liver is a small part of it. Your liver will get better hydration and it will detoxify the organ in the best ways. You will get other health benefits from Aloe Vera juice.

Bitters formulae: 

Several Ayurveda experts often mix neem, chiretta, gentian, goldenseal, celandine, dandelion, turmeric, and barberry to create the formulae. You can have this warm water as a tea or just mix this water and drink it twenty to thirty minutes before your meals.

It will provide better functions of the liver, give relief from indigestion and offer detoxification. You can also try eating green veggies like beans and other bitter vegetables which will help you detoxify. It will clear the bloodstream from toxins and regulate the blood flow as well. You can also try out Baidyanath products for the liver and you will get faster results.

Bhumi- Amala: 

Bhumi amala juice is good for reducing the issues of pitta. If you consume the juice of bhumi amala every day, you will get better relief from liver dysfunction. It will regulate the blood flow and you will not get affect by common cough and cold so often. Just two to four teaspoons of the juice will do its work.


Garlic has the best anti-bacterial ingredients in it and filled with selenium. If you need to detox your body then you can try having garlic every day. Having two pods every day before retiring to bed will help you detoxify naturally. It will give better benefits to the liver and there will be no further issues of pitta.

The goodness of nuts: 

Studies have found that nuts are good for the detoxifying liver. Walnut is filled with amino acids and Omega 3 and glutathione. Scientists have found out that consuming nuts will help in the non-alcoholic fatty liver health issue.

Other than these you can have fruits or vegetables and fresh dairy to have better liver functions. You can also try Ayurvedic Medicine For Liver and it will give you faster and visible results.

By enhancing the natural functioning of the liver Ayurvedic Liver Tonic from Baidyanath may be used daily or depending on the dosage prescribed by your doctor – to maintain its positive effects.

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