1- The Power Of Positive Thinking by Deepak Chopra :

5 Books You Need to Read First the author talks about how we often think without knowing a lot of facts, and he says that all we know is what our experience tells us, so we must stop listening to those things and start thinking for ourselves.

Deepak Chopra

2- How Not To Waste Your Time By Gary Keller :

5 Books You Need to Read Second this book talks about doing everything. you can and some of the ideas are common sense, while others will require a little more thought and research. This book also helps you solve hard problems in your life.

5 Books You Need to Read by Gary Keller

3- Why Are We So Afraid: A Memoir on Life By Anne Lamott:

5 Books You Need to Read third the book written by Anne Lamott is an honest look at her childhood. As she grew up in a teen years ago and she had lots of fears of growing up and becoming what other people considered normal. She started writing her memoir because it was something that she could relate to.

5 Books You Need to Read Anne Lamott

4- It’s Never Too Late For Love:

What Happened When I Stopped Loving Myself and Started Loving Others. by E.B Johnson: this book talks about his life experiences, especially with his father who died when he was young and he never realized him because of his personality traits. His book talks about helping people realize they don’t need anyone else, but just themselves and that they want to be loved the way they are.

5 Books You Need to Read E.B Johnson

5- Selfishness Is Good!:

why self-centered people? by William Moulton Grady. this book talks about the history of psychology and how they are trying to explain all kinds of behaviors to us, like lying or stealing, or cheating, but the issue here is that these behaviors might not necessarily bring anything good into their lives as the person was never really aware of the consequences. I would say this book can help you understand everything about this topic.

5 Books You Need to Read BY William Moulton Grady


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The World Health Organization considers it the greatest public health emergency of our time. Because of the pandemic, many businesses across the world have had to shut down, either temporarily or permanently. Schools have closed down for several months. Travel bans have been put in place by governments, and restrictions on international travel have been implemented in various countries, among them the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. However, despite the tremendous effort made by the government and various healthcare professionals to contain this virus, much of the world remains concerned as the disease continues to spread around the globe, sparking new outbreaks and causing millions of deaths each day.

With the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak in the country, we should take the necessary precautions to avoid contracting COVID-19. While it may have been difficult to follow these protocols, it’s important to remember that they are still the best precautions that could reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus to others.

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