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One of the most frustrating experiences is when your internet connection is bad. Your show won’t buffer, your Zoom meeting won’t go smoothly, and your downloads can get stuck. So, what’s better is to check your internet speed to see if it is fast enough for use. 

In this article, you can check out different applications and websites to see your internet speeds. But the first thing you need to check speed is an internet connection. So, check with your local internet providers like Spectrum app to buy a high-speed plan to get started. When you have subscribed to an internet plan, you can check with these apps to see your internet connection’s strengths. 

Ookla SpeedTest 

Ookla SpeedTest or SpeedTest by Ookla is one of the most famous internet speed checking platforms. This internet speed checking application covers all the important aspects like uploading speeds, downloading speeds, and network ping. It is among the most credible internet speed testing platforms.  

There are some added features of Ookla’s speed checker as well. You can measure load time and buffer on this application. Further, if you pay for the application, you can access a free VPN. You can also check the testing history on this application.  

To use Ookla Speedtest, you can visit the web application. Also, you can download it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  

Meteor Wi-Fi Speed Test 

Meteor Wi-Fi Speed Test is another speed testing application that shows your internet speed with data of download speeds, upload speeds, and ping. Besides these features, it also shows you how different applications will work with your internet speeds. Also, you can check your internet speed on mobile networks. 

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you can get this application on both platforms.  

SpeedTest Master 

SpeedTest Master is another speed testing application that shows you the response time from servers. You can check out all the usual metrics like downloading speeds, uploading speeds, and ping. But the additional features of this application include displaying signal strengths at different locations. This feature can help you choose the most suitable WiFi connection nearby.  

The application is available for both Apple and Android devices. But the downside of this application is that you only get a few free checks with ads. Afterward, you have to pay to use this application. 

Network Speed Test by Microsoft 

Another speed testing application that offers an overview of the network speeds is the Network Speed Test by Microsoft. This application shows you delayed speed (ping), downloading speeds, uploading speeds, and data from previous checks. An advantage of using this speed test is that it is super simple and shows you just the loading speeds.  

At the time of writing this article, this speed test application is only available on Windows App Store. So, you cannot download it on your Android or Apple devices.  

Fast Speed Test 

Fast Speed Test is another super simple and easy-to-use application to check internet connection speeds. You can only check the standard metrics of ping, uploading speed, and downloading speed. Its ease of use makes it one of the most convenient speed testing applications. 

The best thing about the Fast Speed test is that you can download it on Android and Apple devices. Also, you can access the online version by visiting Fast.com.  

V-SPEED Speed Test 

V-SPEED Speed Test is another application where you can check the standard testing parameters. A plus about this speed testing app is its simple yet appealing UI. There’s a blue background with power on and off buttons on it.  

You can install this application on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  

SpeedSmart Speed Test 

SpeedSmart Speed Test is another internet connection speed testing application. This app allows you to check WiFi and cellular internet speeds from around a hundred servers. You can not only check the standard speed parameters but also compare the stats against other service providers in the U.S through this app. If you have an Apple device, you can ask Siri to start the internet testing.  

Unlike most speed test applications on this list, you can access it online and download it on both Apple and Android devices.  


In this article, you can see different speed testing applications. If you just want a simplistic speed test application, Fast, V-SPEED Test, and Network Speed Test by Microsoft may be the best choices. Otherwise, if you want more feature-filled options, Ookla SpeedTest, Meteor, and SpeedTest Master may be better choices. You can view their different features in this article.  

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