Christmas is here, so no doubt your thoughts are filled with tasty food, alcoholic beverages, what gifts to buy and how many of the Christmas parties you’ve been invited to you actually want to attend. Once you’ve made that decision, you face deciding exactly what to wear. This time is the year requires something extra special, but you don’t need to be buying too many outfits that will be relegated to the closet until next year. To help you with the dilemma of what to wear, here are four impressive Christmas party outfits you might want to try.

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A Christmas Cocktail Dress

If you haven’t already got one in your closet, take this opportunity to add one to your collection. Perfect for a wide range of occasions, it suits all styles of Christmas party, particularly if you choose one in black, red, silver, gold, or jewel tones. Add some glitzy accessories, such as imPRESS Press-On Manicure nail art, sparkly jewelry, and a metallic clutch bag and this kind of outfit will serve you well all festive season.

Party Outfits

Black Pants

This is another versatile item to have in your closet, so much so that one pair is never going to be enough. Black pants

 can be worn to the office for a normal working day when paired with a tailored blouse and blazer. Alternatively, they can be glammed up for a Christmas party with a shiny, festive top.

Ruffle Top and Jeans

Not all Christmas parties are dressy affairs, so it pays to be prepared when your neighbors invite you round for holiday drinks. A very smart but none the less casual look can be achieved with a ruffle top and jeans. Don’t feel the need to stick with the traditional color either as gray jeans work very well with a black top and black ballet flats. Add a jeweled or animal print clutch purse, and you’ve got the perfect low-key party outfit.

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Add Fur Details

Real fur is most definitely off the menu, but there are some sumptuous fake furs you can wear. Adding some fur detail makes any holiday outfit look luxurious. If you’ve got a formal evening party or Christmas cocktail party you want to attend, add a faux fur cape for a Hollywood look. Include statement jewelry, glittery blazer, and satin pumps, and you’re ready to grace the poshest of parties.

In Conclusion

The festive season is the perfect time to see those you don’t often see throughout the year, and truly let your hair down after a long year of working. When the Christmas party season is upon you, take it as an excuse to dress up and feel good! Why not take it one step further and invest in a new outfit? Pick the right one, and it’ll serve you well all year round rather than just at Christmas. However, the best thing you can wear this Christmas is confidence. When you feel confident, you will instantly have an incredible night, no matter what you do.

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